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by Debra Dane on November 19, 2012

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Amazingly we have reached the end of another block of challenges to simplify your life. It is now into November and I hope you have used the information and questions in the past four weeks to start planning your upcoming holidays intentionally. Do your plans match your values and your hopes for this time of year? We have looked at what our vision is, planning resources and getting organised, holiday traditions and gift giving.

Next week we will begin the last block of challenges. They will surround money and work – financial goals, how to reduce expenses and increase income in order to meet those goals, and finally looking at what we do for work (paid or unpaid roles) and ensuring they also align with our values, expectations and vision for our life. After that we will be reflecting on the year that was!

Whether you started in January or in recent weeks I hope you will see this challenge through however works for you. It was never my intention for every single person to participate in every single week (we all have different needs and areas to focus on) nor for it to always be a January to December challenge but simply presented in that way. You can do one challenge a month or one block at a time at your own pace.

There is no failing in this.

Whatever you choose to put into it you will gain back in terms of clarity, progress and aligning your daily practices with your values and vision for your life.

In two days my family will board a plane for the United States for a trip of almost six weeks. People have asked over the years how we manage to travel when we live on one income and airfares are so expensive, etc. As with everything you have to make choices in your life. For us  travel is not an optional thing, but a requirement since our family and friends are overseas and travel was the common interest that brought us together in the first place. I value travel and cultural experiences over private school education (talk about costly), fancy clothes or cars, a big house, or multiple TVs. We live within our means, rarely splurge (rarely does not mean never – we live a good life) and put out money where it matters to us. For others it could be a beautiful kitchen or a bigger house. Still others would be paying for education or a larger family. There is no judgement in any choices – we all choose what is right for us. When we do that we are living our simplified life!

With simplifying your life the core is always who are you, what is important to you, make that a priority.

Have the holiday that works for you.

Live in the house that suits you (rather than an image or what other people are doing).

Spend time with the people who make you smile and bring out the best in you.

Do the things that fill your soul.

Be who you are and make no apologies.


Find your simple,



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Shell November 19, 2012 at 8:42 am

This post makes me sigh a big sigh of relief. I love that your posts help us honour ourselves and our own simple. Thank you. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy every minute with your family and friends. xoxo
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kirri November 19, 2012 at 9:00 am

Wow to week 47 – this latter part of the year has whizzed by!
Travel is a requirement for our family too and this year we have been fortunate to have the Canadians visit us, to holiday together.

You’ve reminded me that it will be our turn in a few years and just because we are a family of five, it doesn’t have to be impossible if we start planning and taking action today.

Have a wonderful vacay xx
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Kate November 19, 2012 at 11:23 am

Bon voyage! Have a wonderful and safe trip. Cannot wait to read your ‘travel blog’ posts!
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Vanessa November 19, 2012 at 6:12 pm

Hi Deb, love those last few lines. It’s funny how everybody’s idea of simple can be so different… I loathe travelling despite having family and friends all over the place, and my idea of simple doesn’t really lend itself to keeping in constant contact with people. I do my best but ultimately I always try and do what makes my heart sing, even if it’s not where the crowd is going… Thank you for your beautiful words by the way. Hope you have a lovely holiday. x
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bethmarie November 19, 2012 at 9:59 pm

“Be who you are and make no apologies”…so well said, Deb. I have to say that the biggest difference I have found in my way of thinking since starting this challenge has been just that. I am deeply grateful for how you lead me in this direction. Sending you best wishes for an amazing family holiday…so many dreams are about to come true for you and your family, I hope it is nothing short of magical!! xx


Emma November 20, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Have a fantastic trip Deb! We also value travel and holidays (like you, I have to travel home – although not quite so far – to NZ to see family) so our kids have gotten used to traveling from a young age. I will try and get my link up this week – I think the issue with my post last week was that it was in ‘draft’ so I will work on getting it sorted out. I have been doing the challenges each week, even though I haven’t been linking up and I’m pleased I have followed through on each and everyone of them. I definitely feel better for it and I think I will even re-read the posts again next year just to keep me focused. I’ve never been to New York but it is on my ‘to do’ list. I look forward to seeing all the photos and FB updates. The 52 week challenge has been such a great challenge and I know that the work you have put into it has been huge. I am really grateful for having something like this to take part in and have goals each week to think of about. Have a wonderful flight over and enjoy your holiday – you deserve it!


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