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Special offer: My ebook is currently $5 to help readers who have been thinking about simplifying their lives. I am using the money raised from the book to fund my new dreams of creating inspirational accessories so thank you as well for your part in helping me along this journey – deb xx


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“Simplify your life – from the inside out” is a book that arose from my own reflections in 2011.

I started putting pieces of the puzzle (that one called “life”) together and, being who I am, I sat down and mind mapped the pieces until I could see where they all fit together in a nice package.

From that piece of paper I created a 52 week challenge on this blog to explore all the topics I felt were critical to simplifying your life.

After the challenge finished I continued to get messages from people who wanted me to lead it again in 2013. I knew I was not able to commit to another weekly effort so set about turning the material into self paced downloads.

The first 12 weeks of SYL were the critical part of the challenge – focusing on the INSIDE part of the journey. I updated and expanded the material that had been on the blog and now you can get started any time you like.

“Simplify your life- from the inside out” includes:

  • An e- book that is more like an e-course – 205  pages filled with information; journal questions for reflection and self discovery; exercises and tasks to help you take action; and images painted and drawn by me and filled with positive statements / mantras.
  • A separate 20 page companion e-workbook for you to print out the worksheets to use as you move through the book.
  • A set of  inspiration / mantra cards to print out and use to motivate, inspire, focus you on what you want and how you want to live.

This is not a formula of steps you must take, but rather a perspective and ideas on how to simplify your life by figuring out or clarifying who you are, your vision for your life and how to make it reality. All of this is based on the key point of YOU- your values, your ideas, your resources and needs.

simplify your life book

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What’s different about this book over the slew of simplifying books out there?

  • The perspective is not about changing externals (like clutter, time management, your relationships) until you do some internal exploring. You start with self-discovery and awareness before coming up with action steps to move forward.
  • This is slow and steady. There is a reason it was not called “How to simplify your life in 30 days.” There is no timeline, no pressure, and no formula. This is about deciding for yourself who you are, what you want, and how you will live your life, your way.
  • Journal exercises take concepts that I explore and have you apply the ideas to yourself. You are unique and only you can uncover what you want.
  • Worksheets and action steps that move you beyond rhetoric and theories and into application. This is not just a book about exploring and contemplating, but about starting to take steps toward an authentic and intentional life. You will dig deep and find your path to YOUR best life.
  • No journey is straight and easy. There will be hiccups and roadblocks along the way. In “Simplify your life” you will explore what has held you back before, break through those barriers, and figure out alternatives so you stop sabotaging yourself.

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Are you ready to let go and live well?

This guide contains four parts:

  • Awareness and Reflection – Who are you and what do you want?
  • Self discovery – What is standing in your way?
  • Intentional action – Baby steps to change.
  • Growth – Going forward with patience and passion.

What do you stand to gain from simplifying your life?:


Freedom to be who you are, follow your own path, honour your heart and soul.

Freedom from what holds you back whether it is perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, fear, negative self talk, over-commitment or comparisons. You will take steps towards letting go.

Less stress!

You will be able to breathe easier knowing you are saying yes to what you want and letting go of that which does not serve you.

You will feel at greater ease in your own skin as you discover and align your life with your core values.

You will create white space in all areas so that you can better enjoy what you do have, what you do love and the people who lift you up.


As you let go of that which does not fit with your vision for your life, you create room to notice and appreciate all that is good in your life.

With less obligations in your calendar you have time to honor your cherished relationships, enjoy your time together and slow down.

With less distractions you have the focus to connect with the present moment and not miss the simple pleasures of the everyday, that can otherwise slip away unnoticed.

With gratitude and grace you will learn what you need and take steps towards honoring them.

Some feedback if you want someone else’s word that this is full of awesome:

“Simplify Your Life is exactly the kind of book I needed a few years ago when I felt like my busy life was spinning out of control and I didn’t know which way to go next. This book is filled with immense inspiration and great prompts to get any busy woman thinking about simplifying and doing things differently.” – Shawn Fink, Awesomely Awake



“Sometimes I feel so lost on this journey called life, I’m always looking for something greater, something more, a purpose.  Going through the Simplify Your Life Journey opened my eyes to all the great things I already have going on in my life.  Rather than a ‘do this do that’ approach (which would only put more pressure on my shoulders) it encouraged me to look at my life right now, rid the unnecessary and encourage and enjoy what makes me happy.

Sure sometimes things creep up on me, but I can always go back to what I’ve learn’t through this process to remind myself what my family and I value most and I always manage to get back on track.  Simplify Your Life was such an enjoyable experience for me, I’d recommend it to anyone, regardless of the phase your life is in.” – Mandy FerryA Little Space Like Home

Going through the SYL challenge has been a life changing experience for me. I’m now in touch with my values and can live and make daily decisions accordingly. This is a work in progress of course, but Deb’s book and blog are instrumental in helping me remember and connect with what I know is right for myself and my family. This has included me ignoring the fears that have held me back for years, to start my own creative business doing what I love. I would recommend her book to everyone, as she guides you in finding what’s right for you, rather than suggesting any “right” way of being. I can’t speak highly enough of this book!”  - Shell, Sew n Sow


“Simplify your life was a journey to my very core and back again. I learned the things I truly wanted in life, ways to allow myself to heal past hurts and how to transform my life into something manageable and enjoyable. We carry so much through life that we do not need, Simplify your life helps us decide what we want to keep carrying.”   Jo,  Little Hannah Bear
“I was so pleased when I stumbled across the SYL challenge starting at the beginning of 2012. After a few years of suffering depression and post natal depression after the birth of both my two children, I was desperately wanting to feel a sense of order, a sense of control and a sense of purpose in my life. The timing was perfect, I had just cleaned out my kitchen drawers and I was ready to take on my whole house!
What I hadn’t expected was the way the challenge began, taking me back to the basics. To me. To discovering who I was, what it was that I wanted, what I valued, what it meant to be me. What I hadn’t expected was the way the challenge led me to discovering my true life purpose, and for that, I am forever grateful to Deb for creating the SYL challenge. My kitchen drawers may need cleaning out again, I still haven’t quite taken on cleaning my whole house, but I can tell you, I haven’t suffered depression since undertaking the challenge. And I do feel a sense of order, a sense of control and a sense of purpose in my life.
For me, simplifying my life was life changing.” Kate, My Dear Angel
“Simplify Your Life helped me do exactly that! Working through each step allowed me to pause and gain clarity around what is important to me in my life and what I needed to re-balance to ensure that I was living my best possible life in a way that was easy. I would highly recommend this book/course to anyone feeling overwhelmed, lost or swamped by life” – Lyndal Gapps, Welcome to the family
“I discovered Deb`s blog at JUST the right time. It was a couple days before 2012 begun after a really rough 2011. I was immediately drawn to her writing style and her matter of fact ways in which she put things out to the world. I was so happy to be there at the start of the SYL12 journey and while I didn`t complete the entire course it helped me in so many ways throughout 2012 and still now. I am so happy to see her putting it into an e-book and workbook so that others can enjoy the benefits of her wisdom.” Lulu, Australian in Japan

“When I started the SYL challenge in 2012 I was ready to make some changes in the way my family was living, eating and surviving. I wanted to do more than just get through the day. We had just gone through an Autism diagnosis and everything was about ‘that’. Simplify Your Life helped me to refocus where I was heading, refocus my marriage and make the whole family the priority not just the diagnosis.”

Annaleis Topham, Teapots and Tractors

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If you are ready to look inwards to find your way to a life on your own terms I hope you will take this step today. While this is a self paced journey my email inbox is always open. I am here to answer any questions you have or any feedback you want to offer.


Here is to a fantastic journey ahead.


Find your simple,


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