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by Debra Dane on March 25, 2013

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Welcome to another week of listing our lives and sharing them here! If you are lurking and thinking of joining in I hope you will do so. You do not need to be here every week, just jump in when you feel inspired.

The A to Z of now

Abundance – I can feel a shift as the season is changing. I am trusting this feeling and having faith that all will be fine.

Books – I can never get enough reading time, I am greedy and could read for 4 hours a day or more if left to it.

Cool nights – enjoying the shift from sweating at night and needing an ice pack to realizing too late I should have worn more to bed (although the very next night is back to hot as heck again).

Doodling -I start out alone, but am usually joined soon enough by my 9 year old who grabs any opportunity to create.

doodle big flower24032013

Eggs – from our chickens – so grateful to the girls for providing these to us day after day.

Frangipani – picking them up on our walks, inhaling the scent, stroking the soft petals.

Gearing up for school holidays which start on Friday. Aiming for the balance of time with the kids, time for work and time for myself. The holy grail of my happiness.

Hoops. Taunting me from my art cart. I have yet to begin my planned stitching project. Aiming to get it started and spend evening time creating bit by bit.

Icy poles – all manner of ice blocks still being consumed by my kids as Autumn is technically here but most days are still very hot.

doodle trees24032013

Java. See tired and Zzzz below for why I am now having two coffees each morning instead of my usual one. Resit the third …

Kicking myself too often lately (see self-compassion below).

Love. So grateful for those in my life.

Music -  listening to my eight year old learning  “Rolling in the Deep” on drums (which she almost nailed in one lesson), loving her new teacher.

Notebooks. My addiction. Note taking, planning, doodling…currently using 5 different notebooks and resisting the itch to use more.

funky flowers 124032013

Overhaul. Gearing up for the self care blueprint for this year and updating content, adding a webinar (eek – there goes that comfort zone again), easing into the discomfort of self-promotion all while sharing my passions.

Poetry. Making up book spine poems with my kids. Listening to my 9 year old memorizing and performing a Banjo Patterson piece for her class.

Quiet moments. Sitting on my bed, dog laying across my legs or nestled in close, the house settled for the night, book in hand.

Reaching out. Going out of my comfort zone to honour my guiding words of the year which included “connect”.

Self confidence and self-compassion. Two areas I am working hard on right now. Belief in me! Giving myself a break!

Tired – when my husband calls from Sydney in the mornings we both mention how tired we are.

Umbrellas need replacing after a summer so heavily consumed by rain that they have been dying one by one.

Videos. Learning with video lessons in art courses I am taking, webinar replays for business, and vlogs by lovely bloggers. Enjoying videos shot of my family including our attempts to record our dog dreaming (she snores, whistles and mutters in her sleep).

Walks. getting out and about two or  three times a day with the dog and kids. Admittedly we resist (and often skip) the evening walk much to Evie’s disappointment, as some nights we are too far gone to get ourselves out the door.

X country – my 9 year old is turning ten soon so this year had to participate in a  cross country race at school this past week (they split the kids in her year based on who is turning ten goes with the year 5-7 kids). I still remember her dropping out of sports day as a year 1 kid. Now she was okay with getting a high five from me for coming “third from last”. In her case participating really is enough! I love how proud she was of friends who came in the top 3.

Yoga. I am trying to work up the courage to try this again. One of those “much needed” things that I resist because it is not my natural zone. Wanting to fight my “I hate exercising at home” feelings and use an app I have on the ipad or use the wii fit I have never used.

Zzzz. Taking naps like never before. I know I am truly tired as I now take naps on the weekend when I have spent my whole life being a non-napper since I was a toddler.

Featured list from week nine:

Claire from Adventures in Singapore both because her home life reminds me of our old life back in Bangkok and also for the difference form life here in Australia for you to check out – urban lights, poolside at her apartment complex, greenery among the concrete jungle.

Listmania List number eleven:

Books – anything you want to share or remember about books – your favourites, your current reading pile, favourite series, favourite books turned into movies, books in your home, anything goes.

Week ten link up here:

Find your simple,

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Bec March 25, 2013 at 8:11 am

What a great list! Your daughter’s sports day reminded me of my son last year (he was 5 in reception) – he was running against the 6 year olds – somehow managed to get himself in the wrong group (he was supposed to be with the 5 year olds). When he finished I told him he did a great job. He said to me – didn’t you see – I came dead last!
Bec recently posted..Week 10 – A to Z of nowMy Profile


Debra Dane March 27, 2013 at 10:29 am

So funny that he ended up in the wrong group, he should feel great that he held his own at all. xx
Debra Dane recently posted..Evolution of a blog + free ebookMy Profile


Claire T March 25, 2013 at 11:39 am

Loving your list. This was another great topic. I had such fun thinking of some words to discuss.
I am so flattered that you picked my blog to feature. Thanks so much. I really look forward to Mondays.
Claire T recently posted..Listmania 10 A-Z of NowMy Profile


Debra Dane March 27, 2013 at 10:30 am

You are welcome Claire – thanks for being here each week. I honestly love it too – it gets my week started on such a nice footing and connecting with you guys by reading your lists too
Debra Dane recently posted..Letters to my daughters: on successMy Profile


Lisa March 25, 2013 at 12:13 pm

A fantastic list Deb, I agree with the notebooks and the sleep (or lack of)…very brave of you to start vlogging on your blog. Can’t wait to see the result.


Debra Dane March 27, 2013 at 10:31 am

LOL not me vlogging – other brave people. for me i will be doing a webinar soon and that is scary enough!!
Debra Dane recently posted..Slow downMy Profile


Emily @ Have a laugh on me March 25, 2013 at 3:50 pm

What a lovely list, and really does give me an insight to what you’ve been doing. I can relate to icy poles, and school holidays! Also my daughter had cross country and came in the middle, her friends came 1,2,3 and when she cried I was worried but she told me it was just because I had to leave school and not because she didn’t win – PHEW!
And good on you for trying to be nicer to yourself :) Em
Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..My daughter’s party from A to Z and why I’m totally awesome!My Profile


Debra Dane March 27, 2013 at 10:32 am

well i am TRYING to be nicer to myself LOL

so sweet that she was only crying because you were leaving – xx
Debra Dane recently posted..Intentional living: Look aroundMy Profile


Lisa @ Cut My Milk March 25, 2013 at 9:26 pm

Love your doodles, Deb! I’m a doodle-dooer too.

And we are going through a fair few icy poles here as well. It was nice of summer to extend her days for us, wasn’t it?
Lisa @ Cut My Milk recently posted..Suburban HousewifeMy Profile


Debra Dane March 27, 2013 at 10:33 am

The heat this week has been crazy!!
would love to see your doodles too (love “doodle-doer”)
Debra Dane recently posted..Letters to my daughters: on successMy Profile


beth March 25, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Great list! I love your doodles…and I love the idea of doodling together with your kids! Glad to hear the nights are getting cooler, much needed relief I bet! Hope you have a great week, lovely Deb! xx


Debra Dane March 27, 2013 at 10:33 am

it only lasted 1 night unfortunately and then we went back to heat… just rained now from the humidity – we need summer to end finally!
Debra Dane recently posted..Slow downMy Profile


Sarah @ losing My Lemons March 28, 2013 at 7:43 am

I love the doodling! I wasn’t sure what it was all about and I’d seen some fab doodling arty books for the children, but was undecided. I’m defo getting some now! Coolio!

I am so jealous of your umbrella problem I could puke! ;)

Java… oh yeah baby.

This weeks list saved my blog-guilt going into overdrive… It was fun, easy and got me blogging again!

Thanks sweets!
Sarah @ losing My Lemons recently posted..A is for Arse, B is for Boobs, C is for… Ahem!My Profile


Kelly March 28, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Great list Deb, love the doodling :)
Kelly recently posted..Listmania #10 – The A-Z Of NowMy Profile


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