Lisa Edwards is a single mother of two adorable boys.

And though things can get hectic from time to time, we love a home life that is cut back to it’s simplest form.

On this blog you will find:


Home Improvement Tips

Recently I have really started to get into budget friendly home improvements that add value to life and to the value of your home.

Cleaning tips

A clean, de-cluttered home is so much easier to manage and it just puts you in a great head space, it’s also important though to ensure you don’t spend your entire life cleaning up, which is quite possible with a 3 and 5 year old.

Budgets and Home Finance

Frugal living is a topic that has been well covered in the blogosphere, I will featuring tips from other frugal blogs I follow as well as some of my own handy budget friendly tips.

  • Activities with kids
  • Family organisational tips