Have you ever wondered what exactly makes the exterior of a home visually attractive? Why do certain houses on a street make you want to stop and stare in awe of how beautiful they are? Most likely those stunning houses you have encountered follow some fundamental design principles. Every design, whether it is exterior or interior, must follow some basic design rules in order for the final result to be visually appealing.

The following are 3 basic exterior design principles you can use to transform your home into an attractive haven:

1. Balance Shapes Using Symmetry

Symmetry and balance play a critical role in helping you to accomplish a well-designed space. Every home’s facade must have some sense of symmetry and balance to appear to be properly designed and attractive.

Whether it’s the attractive nature of the symmetrical Georgian house, with its centered door and windows equally flanking each side, or a house where balance is accomplished via dormers equally placed over the exterior or through pointed roof lines.

There are many different ways of achieving a home exterior that is proportional – some are through symmetry that is quite obvious, while others might not be as readily apparent. A properly designed home, either way, has a balanced and proportional exterior.

2. Form Follows Function

The form follows function phrase was coined by Louis Sullivan, who was the mentor of Frank Lloyd Wright. Basically what it means is that a building’s purpose should be the design’s starting point.

What is your home’s purpose? What are you planning on using your house for? You need to take all of your family’s needs into consideration and then determine what is needed in order for your home to meet all of these needs.

Your home’s exterior should mimic the interior design’s form that you have selected. Perhaps you are an artist who selected large windows based on the fact that you need to have natural lighting in order to create and paint. Maybe you need to have a granny suite over your garage, and therefore your home’s exterior has a dormer to make the room’s window appear to be balanced. You always need to keep in mind that the exterior design is always affected by the interior design of your home also.

3. House Textures And Materials

With all of the numerous options that are available these days, it can be quite hard to decide which materials you want to use on the exterior of your house. Between steel, stucco, wood, brick, aluminum, vinyl siding, cedar shingles, and more, how do you make your decision?

The best thing to do is balance aesthetics with durability. You of course want your home’s exterior to be a reflection of your personal style. If you happen to be a country girl or guy, then you might want to have cedar shingles and tumbled stone. On the other hand, if you are a modern minimalist then you might want to have simple wood panels or sleek steel lines.

To avoid expensive mistakes, the best thing to do is consult with an experienced and highly skilled design architect. Many online visual tools are also available that can assist you with seeing what your choices in materials look like before making your final investment.