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by Debra Dane on February 14, 2013

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I know that for many of my readers one of the key ways they are looking to simplify their life is by getting more organised. I have had the pleasure of writing weekly at Kidspot’s Village Voices for the last five months on the subject of “the organised life”. I thought I would round up ten of those posts here in case you are not following me on Facebook or twitter where I was sharing these posts. You can follow the link above if you want to check out the rest of the series.

Top 10 posts to help you have an organised life

1. My 5 top tips to manage your to-do list:

“The whole point of having a to-do list is to make life easier and help lower our stress levels since we have some order to our days and weeks. To make sure your list is helpful and not a cause of stress here are my top five tips:continue reading here

2. How to beat procrastination

“Do you often start out your day with the best of intentions, but end up procrastinating so much you get little of value actually done? I certainly have many days like that. Sometimes I don’t want do what I need to do. Other times I get stuck and can’t move forward on a project. Most often of all I avoid the tasks which intimidate me – they are either things I truly dislike (like housework) or things that are new and challenging for me (taking me out of my comfort zone). Here are my top tips for pushing through all that and getting things done.” continue reading here

3. How to organise the kids’ toys

“Many of us have more toys in our homes than we ever thought possible. Kids often say they’re bored even though they have access to games, toys, books and dolls galore.  Sometimes when they say they are bored it actually means they don’t know where to start, don’t remember what toys they have or can’t find them.

In our current home we are lucky enough to have a simple playroom, but in every home I have followed the same basic principles when organising my kids’ toys. Thanks to some simple ideas we can easily find things and even when the playroom is destroyed by a mass of visiting kids we can have it all packed up in 15 minutes flat.”  continue reading here  for my 3 key steps.

4. How to plan for the week ahead

“While we can’t plan for everything that will happen in our week we can take time to plan and look ahead so we can organise our days, show up where we’re expected and manage our priorities.

A small investment of 15-30 minutes once a week can make a huge difference in how your week flows.

Here’s how I run through my week – I stop on the weekend to check things over.” continue reading here  for the 5 things I do to plan for the week ahead.

5. Simplify family life with activity bags

“If you are a parent it is highly likely that you have multiple activities and outings in any given week. Even without over-scheduling our kids most of us have at least a few repetitive activities. If you have school-age kids you will almost certainly have many!

To get to where we need to be, there are always so many items to keep track of and my aim was to avoid the stress of searching last minute for a pair of goggles or someone’s dance shoes or the sunscreen.

My simple trick for making activities and outings seamless is the pre-packed bag or basket.”     continue reading here  for the how to plus 5 sample lists for the most common uses.

6. How to declutter when you feel overwhelmed

“Many times life gets crazy busy, we let go of routines of tidying up and decluttering and things can build up in our homes until we feel too overwhelmed to even face it. Other times we have too much stuff coming into our homes and not enough going out. Suddenly you notice how packed all your rooms are, see piles everywhere, closets and drawers overstuffed.

Regardless of the circumstances that led you to feeling overwhelmed I am here to tell you that you can get back on top. While it feels easier to walk past that pile yet again and pretend it is not there, you are better off chipping away at things until you regain your spaces and clear things out literally and mentally.

Here is a 3 point plan of action to get you out of overwhelm and back into a sense of control and calm.”      continue reading here

7. How to involve kids in household management

“Do you often fantasize about the kids taking care of their own things someday and almost putting you out of a job?

While that day may never fully come you can certainly involve your kids in household tasks and have them take on more responsibility as they get older. There are some tricks to this and of course not every kid is going to get involved enthusiastically.” continue reading here

8. How to edit and organise kids’ artwork

“Whether it is your first venture into the world of raising school aged kids or you are an old hand now, we can all use some tips and tricks to make the upcoming school year run smoothly.

Art is the number one activity in my house and, since my oldest found her passion and talent at age four, I have tried many things to curate, enjoy, process and save both my daughters’ creations. The volume of items created has exploded over the years now that we have art being made at home and school, along with 3D projects.

Some things will be saved for many years to come (each of us will have our own ways of determining the “keepers”) but much of the art will have to live elsewhere unless you are lucky enough to have a massive home with endless storage space.” continue reading here

9. Clutter prevention tips

“Decluttering is a hot topic and many people get excited as they start to shed a lot of unwanted items from their home.

While it is easy at times to toss those old clothes that you have not worn in 5 years, it can be harder to make sure you don’t keep the cycle going.

It is important to work at clutter prevention as much as you do at removing existing clutter from your life. It does not mean you can never shop again or need to take up a minimalist lifestyle. There is a difference between austere and clutter free. If you love having 3 rugs layered in your living room then that is not clutter. If you have a new TV, but have not let go of the old one, that is clutter.

Here are 8 tips to get you started working on your own clutter prevention plan.” continue reading here

10. Two secrets to a fabulous home

“Living in Australia one of the main topics of conversation seems to be housing. Where do you live? Are you renovating? Are you looking for a new home?

People browse real estate sites as much as they do Facebook and blogs.

We all seem to be longing for something more, something better.

Often having a fabulous home is possible right where you are. Here are two ways to help you make your home the place you want to be rather than the place you want to flee.

They both involve pretending you are moving.” continue reading here


What is your best tip for an organised or simplified life?

Find your simple,


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Me February 14, 2013 at 11:34 am

This is just what I needed to read – so many things all in one place !!!! Thanks Deb – I think I have my job for the weekend cut out for me !!!
Have the best day !
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