Laughter really is the best medicine. I am always amazed at how some people can be witty and sharp in their writing and appreciate those who write funny blogs that make me wish I had done those kegel exercises more often.

Here are 5 to make your sides ache

1. The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson is top of this list and any list I will ever write about laughter and mood boosters. If you are not already a raving fan like the rest of us go click over now. I am okay with losing you to her site because I am selfless like that.

Then go and buy her book. I wrote about it once and warned everyone not to read it in bed. It will make you cackle, cry and possibly wet the bed (hopefully only nearly). At the very least you will shake the bed enough to disturb anyone sharing your bed- or like me annoy them to death as you insist on reading passage after passage.

All hail the queen of all things laughter!

2. Hugzilla

Melissa has been blogging for years and that pisses me off because I have no idea how I had not come across her blog all these years. When I discovered her recently I commented on at least one post that she is my Aussie Bloggess and on par with Jenny for making me crack up and almost hurt myself.

3. Have a laugh on me

Emily is a local chick and the only one on the list I have met. She has a talent for being able to write both humour and serious stuff and is a pro writer! I love knowing someone who is living a regular life of juggling kids and work and mayhem all with a great sense of humour. I want to be a mom who laughs instead of yells at life’s crazy crap and Em is my guide for that. She also hosts a link up for other bloggers called – “the laugh link” so you can replenish your supply of laughs each week.

4. Pinky Poinker

Another new to me blog (via Hugzilla) and another one that is making me laugh out loud and hold in the pelvic floor for all it is worth.

5. 40 year old domestic goddess

This UK blog was suggested when I put a call out on Facebook for readers’ favourite funny blog. Glad I clicked over as I love this blog. I found myself going back many weeks reading posts which is a sure sign of a winner.

Bonus- Facebook page -Cut my milk

CMM is a hysterical page run by Lisa. She does not blog often but facebooks all the time and offers moments of comic relief throughout the day. Lisa calls it like she sees it, no bullshit, she curses in her space so be forewarned (to me it is not over the top… But you have to decide that for yourself) , and just makes me laugh all the time! Guaranteed pick me up.


What are your favourite “humour” blogs or face book pages?

Love and light (and side splitting laughs)
Deb xx


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Loving life list

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by Debra Dane on September 11, 2014

in Gratitude

I am trying something new – combining gratitude with things that I am loving right now- all that is adding up to loving life. Not sure how often I will write these – aiming for weekly, but trying it on for size for now.

Right now I am loving:

The grass slowly taking hold on our back garden. Since we adopted our Border Collie our lawn was dug up by her and ruined. Hubby decided to finally attempt to reseed the lawn and it is abut 75% successful. Will have to deal with the area she is still digging in, but so far she is respecting wherever the grass took hold while she was busy in her pockets! Green! and dirt dust is finally under control.

My new super short haircut – easy peasy lemon squeezy – never growing my hair out again!

short hair


My home studio slowly taking shape. My husband built me a jeweller’s bench, bought me a new light and is full of enthusiasm for all the projects he is ready to take on to build me more bits and pieces. I am feeling the love and so grateful. This makes up for never getting flowers.

DVD rental kiosk machines. Love how cheap and easy this is.

Friends – always grateful for good friends in my life. We moved around so much in the past it is amazing that we have now been in Brisbane longer than anywhere else we have lived and this house is our longest residence in 19 years together (coming up on 4 years here). Staying put and growing roots means we now have solid friendships and a real sense of home.

All about that bass – loving this song with my girls. Love the words, love the video (so fun) and especially love this version with Jimmy Fallon that I shared on Facebook. Cannot stop singing this or wanting to watch the videos! (if you can’t see the video refresh your screen)


What are you grateful for this week? What is making you love life right now?

Love and light
Deb xx



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Bloom in peace

September 9, 2014
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One of the great things about now running outside instead of on a treadmill at the gym is that I am exploring my own and neighbouring suburbs. Traveling on foot I see things I miss when whizzing by in my car. Just after the hardest part of my running route (killer hill I have yet [...]

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Resources for blogging or business with heart

September 4, 2014
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As I look forward with my business plans I continue to come back to my core values. Above all else I remain firm in my mission to help others, be of service and inspire people to follow their own path in life. There are a ton of business related books and websites. Some I connect [...]

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Changes coming – what to expect

September 2, 2014
Thumbnail image for Changes coming – what to expect

11 months ago I shared my dream here. Slowly with baby steps I am getting closer to my dream and launching my new brand / direction / business. Since it affects this space I thought I would add a little update and heads up about what is coming in the next couple of months. My new [...]

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The beat of your own drum

August 28, 2014
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The other day was superhero day at school. We have school uniforms so every opportunity for free dress is embraced as the school raises money and the kids get to have fun. My 11 year old daughter had been sick, but was getting back to school just in time. The night before she suddenly asked [...]

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