The fact that this year is flying by is made even more obvious by the fact that it took me until late July to do my half year review.

My word of the year is nourish and you can read previous posts about it here.

I love my word! I love how simple it is and how it truly helps me make decisions and guide my path.

A word can only do so much for me though and there are still areas I am struggling it with this year. Above all else though I am learning to nourish myself through down times and stress so my lack of literal nourishment at times (ie food) is made up for with spiritual nourishment (ie self care and positive self talk).


My self talk, as I said, is mostly positive, which is important in nourishing myself and accepting / embracing imperfection.

For the 3rd quarter I want to make time to read PAPER books more so I am away from devices in the evening and first thing in the morning.


Seriously lacking right now – gained weight, barely getting to yoga, not replaced gym membership with anything, poor food choices too often.

Plan for 3rd quarter: I have signed up with Operation Move for their learn to run training group program. I felt I needed accountability and other people paid to push me along. Since I am much busier this year exercise is easy to cut out. Running is efficient and my goal is 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes of running. I used to run a 5km fairly well so am hopeful I will finally get a running routine going.

operation move learn to run


Not too bad. We had planned to renovate but the bank has other ideas so we are debating some small projects and continuing to make it more us in the meantime. Frustrations will have to wait for next year to be tackled.

For the 3rd quarter I want to do the last of the decluttering and re-organising the spaces. I also vow to finally dive in and paint some of our old dark wood furniture bold colours. We have nothing to lose as they are 15 years old and I currently hate them.

Family/ relationships

Just enjoying a month long visit from my sister which has been great.
Thanks to her visit hubby and I have had 2 date nights, one of which was a 24 hour stay in a city hotel, dinner etc. Pre-dinner hubby and I chatted for an hour and half over a bottle of red – first block of time like that in months.

For 3rd quarter: more focused attention on hubby. Plans underway for weekend swaps with a friend who also has 2 girls who my kids love. We will each get a weekend away between now and end of the year.

Later this year I am flying by myself to NYC to visit my sister, family and friends. Will be so nice to connect with them all and have 9 days to focus on myself, buying supplies for my jewelry business, and reconnecting with my home city!


I mentioned in this post that I have been binging on the creativity buffet this year. I have been taking workshops, online classes, reading books, participating in challenges and swaps, taking up new hobbies and crafts. I feel truly connected to the creative scenes both in Brisbane and online.

In the 3rd quarter I need to pull back a little as much of my creative energy needs to be directed finally at producing my first range of jewelry to be launched later this year.

My non work goals are to do some crocheting (just learning), work on my embroidery travel map from sconnie and jam, keep drawing and art journaling.

Sconnie and Jam wall map for stitch your own adventure

Goals (business dreams)

I am in the throws of the business side of launching inner compass designs – business planning, creating a brief for graphic design work, planning out details like packaging and production.

3rd quarter is continuation of that and about setting up my home studio finally. My hope is to (fingers crossed) be ready with a soft launch to family, friends and my email list by September sometime with full launch after my late October return from NYC. Send vibes and prayers if you have them.

Nowhere has my nourish word been more important than in this area of my life – trying to birth a creative dream is challenging, draining, scary, full of self doubt one day and confidence another, then back to sheer terror and so on.

Three or four months ago I was pessimistic about my ability to fight through those negative days, but something definitely shifted and now it is mostly about how and when, not if. I do believe a big part of that shift has been my constant return to “nourish” which has prevented me sabatoging myself too much.

When I feel like quitting I reach out to supportive friends or someone new appears in my life (most recently an offer of a month’s coaching with an artist I follow).

Do you have a guiding word? What is it and how is everything going for you?
It is never too late to pick a word or set some goals and intentions.

Love and light
Deb xx


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image credits from the sources: wall map from Sconnie and Jam shop, Operation Move owned by them.

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The power of the new

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by Debra Dane on July 17, 2014

in Life lessons, Mindset & Mindfulness

While I am firmly in the camp of people against over consumption and materialism I have never been one to enter the camp of minimalism.

I am too visual to have all my stuff put away and like too much variety to live with a set wardrobe or limit myself to one of everything I need.

Along with variety, creativity, and visual stimulation there is another benefit I find to adding new things into my life and I watch it unfold with others as well.

Adding something new can be like a jolt of electricity that jump starts things.

This week I saw a post on Instagram about a deal on sidewalk chalk at the supermarket. (thanks Chris)

Even though we have quite the stash of chalk it has been ignored for a long while (more than a year) thanks in part to a total lack of sidewalks in Brisbane. I decided to spend the $9 and buy the big beautiful and bright box of chalk.

chalk art head


















Yesterday my daughter asked to break into the box as soon as we got home from school.

I left the car on the street so she would have access to our covered driveway.

While I got school stuff sorted and snacks for the kids before my younger daughter needed to be taken to drum lesson, my 11 year old got into casual clothes and hit the carport.

She spent the next 2 hours creating.

She creates daily so that is nothing new. Our house is covered in her art and craft work in every medium.

She took this opportunity though to explore her usual Japanese manga inspired girl drawings on a grander scale.

What she drew with chalk blew me away.

chalk art 2




















This new chalk (while so unnecessary in a house full of supplies and materials) gave her a chance to create freely and on a large scale.

So often we could benefit from an infusion of “new”.

I know I am inspired to write when I have a brand new pen or one of my favourite pencils. A new notebook or journal is icing on that cake.

The cook who gets a new kitchen toy and starts to experiment with recipes.
The woman who buys herself a new necklace or skirt that puts a spring in her step, confidence that shines through.
The reader who cracks the spine on a new book. Not from the library, but one she can jot notes in the margin or highlight when she feels inspired.
The man who puts on a new tie before his job interview and feels ready to take on the world.
The kid who opens the new toy on his birthday and cannot believe someone got him just what he was dreaming about.

None of those things are necessary. Most could “get by” with what they have. Certainly making do is the greener path to take.

And still I will never give up on the power of new.

No one needs 10 cars or 4 houses (looking at you mega millionaires), but 10 pieces of jewelry you love or 4 sets of fancy pens that make you smile? I say go for it and enjoy the power of new in your life from time to time.


Love and light,

Deb xx


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Living without limits

July 15, 2014
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I once wrote a post that referred to myself as a non-crafty parent. I was sharing tips for how to still have a crafty home for your arty kids when you yourself are not. Now a few years later and people keep referring to how crafty I am, how much they are enjoying watching me [...]

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What do you deserve?

June 26, 2014
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From time to time I will share the content of one of my newsletters here – especially when it gets a huge response (as this one did). If you want to sign up for my weekly newsletter you can go here – I never spam and I always work to send high quality new content and [...]

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Why I write

June 24, 2014
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I am loving this meme / blog hop that is going around right now asking bloggers Why they write. I was tagged by Kate at “From Katie to Kate” whom I met years ago when I started my 52 weeks to simplify your life challenge. She shares about her own special journey – looking back [...]

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June 20, 2014
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Grateful … For the feelings running through me these days – optimism, happiness, clarity, curiosity For my kids – about to turn 11 and 9 1/2 and I like my girls. I have always loved them and know we all do, but I like them on another level as friends I can have chats with and [...]

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