In healthy eating circles I often come across the idea of crowding out.

Rather than worry about cutting out the foods that are unhealthy the focus shifts to bringing so much good food into your diet that you fill up on that nutritious food and leave little room for the less healthy stuff.

Either you end up full from the healthy stuff or bring in such small amounts of treats it is bound to lead to better health.

I feel this is what is needed as we navigate online these days.

There is so much crap out there that is the equivalent to junk food. There is also commentary and jokes that seem purely to be negative, hurtful or small minded.

Sometimes the people we know and connect with can be people we enjoy generally but they are the ones bringing this into your day to day life.

I have friends at the opposite end of the political spectrum from me, others who like to post video clips with click bait titles, and some who complain every single day.

I still love them all, but like the nutritional advice above, I look to crowd that out with so much good stuff I get all filled up with positivity, laughter, new ideas, compelling stories and genuine support.

I love HONY (Humans of New York) for all the stories Brandon brings to light (and share them regularly) – one of the greatest sites ever created and one I share constantly.

I follow people on Instagram who share their amazing art, their creative cooking, their personal stories through photos.

I bow out of conversations where people are slinging mud and don’t click on certain sites no matter how many friends link to them.

I read blog posts and try to comment and connect regularly adding new writers to my bloglovin feed.

I join in with groups and link ups and challenges that bring like minded (yet open) people into my days.

I listen to my gut and how I feel when in a space. I unfollow the blogger that I no longer connect with and I linger on archives of a new discovery and see where it takes me.

I fall down positive rabbit holes all the time enjoying how one moment on some sites is all it takes to lead you in a new direction you did not know was there.

What do you do to stay in the land of good online? I would love it if everyone shared in the comments at least one site or person they follow that adds positively to their days – shout out so we can all look for more good online.

Love and light
Deb xx


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I love how so many areas of my life are starting to converge.

With nourish as my word of the year I have been listening to more music, especially those songs that lift me up or give me energy.

I shared some of the songs on my playlist.

As part of “nourish” for the second half of the year I have finally joined in with an accountability / training group to get my fitness back and a routine happening for exercise.

Last week I managed 2 runs, a yoga class and a family 8km bike ride.

Today was my husband’s birthday and he was taking most of the day off and we were going out to lunch.

Old me would have skipped her planned run because she was already “losing” so much of the day to our lunch out so should stay home- get things done, get my blog post written, laundry caught up and on and on.

New me thought about my group and my commitment (and cash paid for said group really does help on the commitment front) and laced up her sneakers and fired up her running playlist.

Thank goodness for new me. She kind of rocks.

After only 2 runs in 8 + months (and the old me ran on a treadmill and practically died whenever she tried to road run) I was feeling okay already, but still nervous.

I was surprised every time run keeper told me an update. I could see my pace was faster than last week and I was feeling better than previously.

I managed great until 25 minutes into the run.
I was wondering why I was struggling on a flat stretch and when I had felt so good just minutes before.
Then another pace update came through my headphones and I was shocked I was still in the zone.
No wonder I was knackered- I was going much faster consistently than before.

I walked for a bit to catch my breath. I kept trying to get back to a run, but it was too hard now.

I gave up and accepted I was now in cool down for the walk home.

Then as I approached the last few hundred metres and could see my street up ahead I decided to push myself. My average pace was falling fast and my pride got in my head.

last metres


There is a time for pushing (like to get my butt out the door) and there is a time to stop and love myself.

I got home and hit “stop” on run keeper.

This lovely app proceeded to send me an email congratulating me on my fastest pace and my longest run (albeit of 3 runs and not where I was at last year)! I had done enough in 25 minutes I did not need to push myself to breaking point.

runkeeper aug 11


Enough- I am always enough and when Iisten to my heart and soul I know that truly.

You are enough too. You do enough too.

Love and light ,

PS The last thing to converge with my nourish, exercise and music is my art time as I have been doodling and lettering lyrics lately.


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